About Us

Custom Data Systems, Inc. (CDS) is a thirty year old solution oriented company. CDS distinguishes itself as a one stop “single source” supplier for hardware, software, custom programming, custom forms development, custom forms printing supplier, laser check supplier, POS paper supplier, technical support, installation, project conceptualization, warranty, implementation and data supplies.  As a reseller, CDS services all products it sells, as well as all other products on a parts availability basis.

CDS was formed in August 1984 with a single customer and has grown to over 2500 constant customers.  Our client list resembles a Who’s Who list in corporate South Florida.  Our customer list is made up of prestigious corporate users including airlines, travel agencies, automobile dealerships, finance companies, music production studios, pet stores, electronic distributors and a small percentage of professional  home users.  Our vendor dealership’s list is a testimonial to our integrity, stability and longevity (please view our website).

CDS slowly expanded it’s customer base the old-fashioned way of recommendations from equipment manufacturers, sellers and referrals from satisfied customers.

We have a consistent sales flow of computers, peripherals, network installations, phone systems, home entertainment systems, data supplies and support services.  Our volume of purchases allows us to be price competitive in this extremely aggressive market place.

CDS has the in-house capabilities to develop software as needed and we do not resell our customer’s special solution to anyone else. Solutions are developed on a license to use basis, with CDS retaining the exclusive proprietary rights to the software.

CDS offers a unique, exclusive and comprehensive service plan that provides an elite 7 day / 24 hour service and support program. (Support program documentation available upon request.)

CDS processes manufacturer warranty service claims for it’s customer’s equipment, whether purchased from CDS or another source. We also provide loaners at no expense to our service contract clients.  Our clients have come to appreciate that we distinguish ourselves by servicing our sales, maintaining continuous familiarity with state of the art technology, implementing tomorrow’s technology today and most of all by the consistent results.

In today’s price performance based economy, CDS’s clients find it expedient and comforting to source and plan all of their needs with a single local vendor.  We have demonstrated to our clients that we have financial stability, longivity, and that will gain professional and conscientious insight into their needs, both present and future.

CDS provides an evaluation of customer needs at no charge to the customer, renders recommendations, installs services and supports its solutions